I remember…



I remember that day

I remember where I lived….In Gallatin, TN in a blue house on Bayview Dr

I remember what I was doing that morning….I was getting ready for work, brushing my teeth

I remember what I was wearing….khaki pants and white shirt…that was my uniform for the Origins counter at Dillards in Goodlettsville, TN

I remember S yelling at me to come see the TV. I thought that maybe a plane was going down and was crashing into the towers, never did I think we were under attack, but we were.

I remember how I felt….a sinking feeling…a sick feeling…sadness…scared…what was going to happen next.

I remember being at work….hardly anyone was there. A few customers…we were closing early that day. I remember a customer being upset that we were closing early. Why should the world stop just because planes crashed she said. I remember looking at her and just turning away. I couldn’t even speak to her after that.

I remember going home watching the tv all day and night

I remember it was the first time I had ever watched the president speak and actually pay attention to what he was saying.

I remember S telling me a few weeks later that he wanted to go back into the Marine Corps. He wanted to protect our country again.

I will always remember that day.

My prayers to the families who lost their loved ones.

My prayers to the families who lost their loved ones fighting to keep us safe.


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