playing along


just a little something i found and thought would be fun to play along.

{a} age :: 37.

{b} bed size :: king

{c} chore you hate :: dusting…..and cleaning the showers…dread:(

{d} dogs :: none..but when s gets home we are thinking about getting one

{e} essential start to your day :: a shower…it always makes me feel better

{f} favorite color :: green

{g} gold or silver :: silver

{h} height :: 6’1

{i} instruments you play :: i used to play the flute…but i don’t think i could play it now..except mary had a little lamb

{j} job title :: stay at home mom

{k} kids :: jackson

{l} live :: NC, in a military town

{m} maiden name :: short…even though i am 6’1

{n} nicknames :: shorty..bunny fu-fu (thanks to grandma)

{o} overnight hospital stays :: emergency surgery and having jackson

{p} pet peeve :: people being late

{q} quote :: i don’t have one

{r} righty or lefty :: righty

{s} siblings :: zero

{t} time you wake up :: during school 6:45, summer whenever we wake up:):) oh, how i love summer

{u} university attended :: none

{v} vegetables you dislike :: celery, okra, brussel sprouts, tomatos

{w} what makes you run late :: traffic

{x} x-rays you’ve had :: elbows, hand, foot, chest

{y} yummy food :: anything with pasta

{z} zoo animal favorite :: giraffes, flamingos, hippos

there you have it:):) play along if you like!


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