Green Thumb


I have yet to keep anything alive plant wise. I have tried herbs, mums, lilies…you name it..I may have tried to grow it. When we moved into our house 2 years ago, the previous owners had a beautiful flower garden out front. It was the first thing that attracted me to the house. There was a rose bush out front that had tons of roses blooming on it. Well, I step in and enjoy seeing everyday a new rose on my new bush. Then the next year comes, 2010, and nothing blooms. My mom visits and cuts off a bunch of branches and it gets shorter, and then I get a few more blooms but not as many as the previous year. Step in to 2011 and my mom visits again and cuts more branches off and it seems to me just a nub of a bush. I am discouraged. She is telling me that it will grow back and I may get something out of it. All year I am looking forward to a bloom, and I get discouraged once more and think I should just dig it up and make that little area smaller. Fast forward to late August and hurricane Irene “blows” through and it’s windy and rainy for 24 hrs. I don’t think about my nub of a rose bush until a few days later when I am pulling in the driveway and I see this…..

My little nub of a rose bush has a flower on it. First I say, well my rose bush must have needed 90 mile hr. winds and 24 hrs of rain:):) but really what it is…something good can come out of something scary & stressful.

So now just to see if I can get another bud out of this.


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