Monthly Archives: August 2011

First day of First Grade


I can’t believe that I have a first grader. Where has the time gone?

p.s. can I say that I l-o-v-e my iphone and all the wonderful apps that I can use to change the way the photo looks.

I try and give the teacher a gift at the beginning of the year just because she deserves something too. I got the idea from eighteen 25 to make some cookies and put that cute tag on. I think it turned out cute. I thank them for the free download.

Happy Thursday!!!


Getting Ready…


Right now I am preparing for a “Vendor Blender” sort to speak for our spouse club.  I am showing all the mixed media art that I have been doing over the past few months.

Now I know you are saying…that really isn’t mixed media.  But it sorta is.  I used modeling paste..some stamps (very hard to see), and some paint.  I believe that mixed media is all sorts of things.  I rather enjoy the colors of this one.  I went out of my comfort zone on this one and I think it turned out fabulous.

In other news, I am also preparing for hurricane Irene.  Living on the east coast, we have to prepare for these things.  And of course it is supposed to make landfall on the day of the “Vendor Blender”.  I am saying lots of prayers that it will stay in the ocean and that I can rest easy this weekend.

Getting Started


Well, the time has come and I am FINALLY jumping on the blogging wagon.  I have tried many times in the past to do it. I have started out with good intentions and then it falls to the back burner as life gets in the way.  I am REALLY hoping that this time it will be different.  I am still in the learning process.  I am still trying to get everything about the blog the way I want to.  So please stick around.  I promise I won’t disappoint.