That is what you can call me…pure lazy.

I have been meaning to post.


But lazy got the best of me.

Tomorrow is a new day.

And a new post:):)

Till then……


I remember…



I remember that day

I remember where I lived….In Gallatin, TN in a blue house on Bayview Dr

I remember what I was doing that morning….I was getting ready for work, brushing my teeth

I remember what I was wearing….khaki pants and white shirt…that was my uniform for the Origins counter at Dillards in Goodlettsville, TN

I remember S yelling at me to come see the TV. I thought that maybe a plane was going down and was crashing into the towers, never did I think we were under attack, but we were.

I remember how I felt….a sinking feeling…a sick feeling…sadness…scared…what was going to happen next.

I remember being at work….hardly anyone was there. A few customers…we were closing early that day. I remember a customer being upset that we were closing early. Why should the world stop just because planes crashed she said. I remember looking at her and just turning away. I couldn’t even speak to her after that.

I remember going home watching the tv all day and night

I remember it was the first time I had ever watched the president speak and actually pay attention to what he was saying.

I remember S telling me a few weeks later that he wanted to go back into the Marine Corps. He wanted to protect our country again.

I will always remember that day.

My prayers to the families who lost their loved ones.

My prayers to the families who lost their loved ones fighting to keep us safe.

playing along


just a little something i found and thought would be fun to play along.

{a} age :: 37.

{b} bed size :: king

{c} chore you hate :: dusting…..and cleaning the showers…dread:(

{d} dogs :: none..but when s gets home we are thinking about getting one

{e} essential start to your day :: a shower…it always makes me feel better

{f} favorite color :: green

{g} gold or silver :: silver

{h} height :: 6’1

{i} instruments you play :: i used to play the flute…but i don’t think i could play it now..except mary had a little lamb

{j} job title :: stay at home mom

{k} kids :: jackson

{l} live :: NC, in a military town

{m} maiden name :: short…even though i am 6’1

{n} nicknames :: shorty..bunny fu-fu (thanks to grandma)

{o} overnight hospital stays :: emergency surgery and having jackson

{p} pet peeve :: people being late

{q} quote :: i don’t have one

{r} righty or lefty :: righty

{s} siblings :: zero

{t} time you wake up :: during school 6:45, summer whenever we wake up:):) oh, how i love summer

{u} university attended :: none

{v} vegetables you dislike :: celery, okra, brussel sprouts, tomatos

{w} what makes you run late :: traffic

{x} x-rays you’ve had :: elbows, hand, foot, chest

{y} yummy food :: anything with pasta

{z} zoo animal favorite :: giraffes, flamingos, hippos

there you have it:):) play along if you like!

Green Thumb


I have yet to keep anything alive plant wise. I have tried herbs, mums, lilies…you name it..I may have tried to grow it. When we moved into our house 2 years ago, the previous owners had a beautiful flower garden out front. It was the first thing that attracted me to the house. There was a rose bush out front that had tons of roses blooming on it. Well, I step in and enjoy seeing everyday a new rose on my new bush. Then the next year comes, 2010, and nothing blooms. My mom visits and cuts off a bunch of branches and it gets shorter, and then I get a few more blooms but not as many as the previous year. Step in to 2011 and my mom visits again and cuts more branches off and it seems to me just a nub of a bush. I am discouraged. She is telling me that it will grow back and I may get something out of it. All year I am looking forward to a bloom, and I get discouraged once more and think I should just dig it up and make that little area smaller. Fast forward to late August and hurricane Irene “blows” through and it’s windy and rainy for 24 hrs. I don’t think about my nub of a rose bush until a few days later when I am pulling in the driveway and I see this…..

My little nub of a rose bush has a flower on it. First I say, well my rose bush must have needed 90 mile hr. winds and 24 hrs of rain:):) but really what it is…something good can come out of something scary & stressful.

So now just to see if I can get another bud out of this.

First day of First Grade


I can’t believe that I have a first grader. Where has the time gone?

p.s. can I say that I l-o-v-e my iphone and all the wonderful apps that I can use to change the way the photo looks.

I try and give the teacher a gift at the beginning of the year just because she deserves something too. I got the idea from eighteen 25 to make some cookies and put that cute tag on. I think it turned out cute. I thank them for the free download.

Happy Thursday!!!

Getting Ready…


Right now I am preparing for a “Vendor Blender” sort to speak for our spouse club.  I am showing all the mixed media art that I have been doing over the past few months.

Now I know you are saying…that really isn’t mixed media.  But it sorta is.  I used modeling paste..some stamps (very hard to see), and some paint.  I believe that mixed media is all sorts of things.  I rather enjoy the colors of this one.  I went out of my comfort zone on this one and I think it turned out fabulous.

In other news, I am also preparing for hurricane Irene.  Living on the east coast, we have to prepare for these things.  And of course it is supposed to make landfall on the day of the “Vendor Blender”.  I am saying lots of prayers that it will stay in the ocean and that I can rest easy this weekend.

Getting Started


Well, the time has come and I am FINALLY jumping on the blogging wagon.  I have tried many times in the past to do it. I have started out with good intentions and then it falls to the back burner as life gets in the way.  I am REALLY hoping that this time it will be different.  I am still in the learning process.  I am still trying to get everything about the blog the way I want to.  So please stick around.  I promise I won’t disappoint.